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10 Best Practices for Working Across Multiple Time Zones

Each company will have its own guidelines on where employees can be. Some may be open to having teams located all over the globe and others may benefit from coverage around the clock. It’s never been easier to work with team members regardless working remotely in a different time zone of their physical location, so global teams are gaining in popularity. Especially if your headquarters is the place where most employees work, time zones can quickly be incorrectly assumed, and meetings can be derailed as a result.

Using them is also an effective way to share meeting notes, create consensus and gather feedback. As a result of creating a wiki, you’ll be able to create transparency and stimulate a continuous flow of ideas and feedback. Your application wants to show the publication date of each issue so that, for example, The Sunday News is always shown as being published on a Sunday. Benefits and perks are important to millennials and Generation Z. Flexibility ranks at the top of the list of wants when job searching.

Do All the Prep Work Ahead of Time

Handling team members in various time zones seek higher flexibility. Fortunately, that flexibility can be easily accomplished through collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, etc. That could be fostered through social meetings thanks to video chat and conference calls. Consider milestones successfully met, celebrations of team birthdays, and weekly virtual water-cooler conversations.

And for the person that’s listening, you feel like you’re part of the team, even though you weren’t at the meeting. It has a weird effect when you were seeing your colleagues and you’re listening to them as you’re watching the meeting. And a lot of people will try to have teams that really overlap a lot, even though they are in other time zones. Have them working on separate things with just a small amount of overlap when the times are convenient.

2 Working with Future and Recurring Events

When it comes to the challenges of working in different time zones, team task management promotes collaboration between teams without expecting either of them to work solely antisocial hours. It also allows for teams who work primarily with international colleagues and clients to stay connected with their own office. Moreover, it removes the sense of isolation that remote work can lead to. If your application deals with both past and future events (for example, if you have a calendar or a meeting schedule), you’ll need additional time zone information to ensure proper time computation. At a minimum you will need the time zone, not merely an offset from UTC. This is because a future event’s wall time depends on time zone related information, such as DST transitions.

Learn how to create an effective MongoDB Developer job description that will attract the right candidates for your open position. This post provides a template and tips for highlighting specific skills, emphasizing important requirements, and more. Founded in 2011, Help Scout has been a fully remote company from day 1 and is powering 12,000+ teams in 140+ countries. Flexible workers hours have been proven to reduce burnout, stress levels, and psychological distress while increasing job satisfaction. They can also unlock more productivity by allowing team members to work when they’re most productive whether that be in the morning, afternoon, night, or a mix.

Free Tools

But when working with a distributed team, communicating takes more effort. There is a false perception that remote workers are lazy, taking every opportunity to slack off because nobody is watching. In fact, remote workers are generally more productive than their in-office counterparts. HR teams have a pivotal role to play as companies navigate profound changes to their workplaces and workforces.

best practices for working across time zones

It’s generally important to know when a time value represents a floating time, because your application’s handling of the value needs to be different. Some examples of floating time events include a user’s birth date, a document’s publication date, a list of official holidays, or the expiration date for an offer (if not tied explicitly to a time zone). Time zones were originated in several countries by railroad operators. Maintaining a schedule for large geographic areas allowed people in the various locations served by the railroad know when the train would arrive (and depart). One common requirement for applications is the need to deal with dates, times, or durations.

– Remote Work Jealousy

The next one is, and that is for scheduling meetings with people in different time zones. For teams struggling to make heads or tails of time zones, you can add working hours for each person so it’s clear what times overlap for meetings and phone calls to be scheduled. This wouldn’t need to be a daily task, but maybe just pick one day and everyone enter it so there is a visual the whole team can use until they get the hang of it. When working within different time zones, it is very important to be mindful of your teammates’ time zone. You should avoid scheduling meetings during the times that you know everyone will not be awake, but this isn’t always possible if you work with people across multiple continents.

10 Best Practices for Working Across Multiple Time Zones

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